On-Farm Teams

On-farm teams are vital to the success of any farm business. As businesses grow, so too does your need to manage your team more effectively. AgInnovate recognises this change and works with farm managers across Australia to design and build awesome on-farm teams that meet the demands of the farm business itself. 

Farmers ARE different. And farm businesses have different demands to city businesses. The fundamental HR and ‘people management’ tools and techniques do not apply on-farm. AgInnovate consultants understand this difference, recognise that farm businesses are changing, and provide practical solutions to on-farm team dilemmas. 

We can work with you through the year to assist you in motivating the on-afarm team to work towards the farm goals with our annual service packages or on an as-needs basis.  We also deliver 'People in Ag' training workshops and webinars across Australia.  See our event calendar for topics and times.

How we can help

Working with farm businesses to set business-strategy, define organisational culture and team dynamics

Identifying on-farm labour requirements, farm roles and responsibilities

Assist with the fundamentals of retaining and attracting good team members

Leadership team coaching, mentoring, training and development

Emerging leader coaching, mentoring, training and development

Leadership and Farm Business coaching

Annual service packages or on an as-needs-basis

People in Ag training webinars and workshops delivered across Australia

See how AgInnovate can work with you to create and maintain your on-farm team.

Book a free one hour discovery session, email us for a bespoke on-farm teams consultancy or to enquire about our annual service packages.