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Agricultural Extension

The AgInnovate team works with rural and agricultural organisations, offering bespoke professional development solutions, including training on leadership, project management, agricultural extension, business strategy, change management and team development.

Book a free 60-minute exploratory session, or email us for more information on our Farm Business Management packages.

How we can help

Nationally Recognised
Agricultural Extension

Workshop Facilitation

Event Management

Agricultural extension program design, management and evaluation

Program logic development for agricultural research, development and extension programs

Analysis of farmer uptake and adoption of new agricultural practices

Industry needs analysis and group strategy

Stakeholder Analysis

AgInnovate is proud to invite you to our 2024 online webinar series for extension professionals.

Hosted and delivered by our in-house specialists and experts from around the country, we look at the theory behind the topics and give you the tools to facilitate agricultural extension in a classroom, field day or on-paddock setting.

Services for Agribusiness Research & Industry

Our team cooperates with rural and agricultural organisations, offering services such as customised training on leadership, agricultural extension, business strategy, change management and team development.


We support the agribusiness industry globally to educate, build capacity, enhance professional development and create resilience.

See our upcoming extension training events


Our specialist team can create and deliver bespoke extension programs that are uniquely developed and designed for your organisation. Offering in-person industry workshops will educate and train professionals to become more engaged facilitators and more effective in passing skills and information on to farming businesses and families.


The Australasian Pacific Extension Network says Agricultural Extension is about “working with people in a community/industry to facilitate a change in an environment that has social, economic and technical complexity. This is achieved by helping people gain the knowledge and confidence, so they want to change and providing support to ensure the change is implemented effectively.”

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