Agricultural Extension

AgInnovate consultants work with grower groups, research organisations and industry to facilitate this on-farm learning and change. We are recognised as a leader in the development and delivery of agricultural extension programs in Australia.

At AgInnovate we pride ourselves on working with early career extension agents to improve their extension skills, benefiting the Australian research sector and farmers alike. 

The Australian Agricultural Industry spends millions of dollars on research annually. It is the delivery of effective extension programs that bring this research back on-farm, that is driving the required productivity, profitability, and environmental changes. 

Agricultural Extension is about “working with people in a community/industry to facilitate a change in an environment that has social, economic and technical complexity. This is achieved by helping people gain the knowledge and confidence, so they want to change and providing support to ensure the change is implemented effectively”.

How we can help

Nationally Recognised
Agricultural Extension

Workshop Facilitation

Event Management

Agricultural extension program design, management and evaluation

Program logic development for agricultural research, development and extension programs

Analysis of farmer uptake and adoption of new agricultural practices

Industry needs analysis and group strategy

Stakeholder Analysis

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