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Climate Resilience

There are over 120 definitions of the word RESILIENCE available in dictionaries and online search engines, ranging from individual and workplace ones to climate and community resilience.

With every continent in the world experiencing more and more extreme weather events, predictions available globally can be daunting and terrifying. Rather than focusing on the possible number of countries most likely underwater by 2050 or uninhabitable to our current standards, preparedness is the key to survival and adaptation in a changing climate.

When a country, state or business is able to anticipate, prepare for and respond to hazardous events, trends or disturbances that are entirely related to the climate, it is building its climate resilience.

Australia's geographical location under the subtropical high-pressure belt means our country is prone to drought conditions. With a moisture deficit during heat waves, a drought occurs when conditions are drier than usual. Even though the media is full of flood news coverage at this very moment, our country has seen more death through heatwaves since 1890 than caused by bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, or severe storms combined.

The continuous initiatives provided by the Future Drought Fund help Australian farmers and communities to prepare for future natural disasters and give them the means to endure, withstand and recover from these events. The funding and programs available aim to substantially reduce the economic impacts of drought on the country and those working in the agricultural industry.

Their workshops help farm businesses understand their risks, learn about strategies to conserve water, access new water sources and manage the drought. Learning and understanding how to adapt, reorganise or transform your business in response to a changing climate is the first step in the right direction.

The Future Drought Fund has once again paired up with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, the Australian Government, FRRR and the National Farmers Federation to offer the previously successful National Mentoring Program in 2023 to build resilience through knowledge sharing.

A trusted and judgment-free environment is your chance to meet someone from anywhere in Australia to bounce off ideas and advance each other's development goals. Getting matched with a mentor means you'll learn from each other, work through different experiences together and, with that, build leadership capacity and resilience in rural Australia. A great way to gain perspectives as well as communication and resilience skills.

Whether the next drought, natural disaster or personal tragedy could affect you and your business, this is a unique opportunity to get more self-awareness and confidence in your ability and knowledge.

Anyone interested in learning more and getting support can apply before the end of November to be mentored for the following year by visiting this website. 

Our team of consultants work endlessly with industry partners and farmers around Australia to create thriving agribusiness. Our advisory services build capacity and resilience by identifying and reducing your business risks and planning a sustainable business for the future. Get in touch with us today to see how we can assist your farming enterprise.

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