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Services for Farm Businesses

Family farm businesses are complex operations. Every business is different. AgInnovate recognises these differences and works with you and your team to optimise production, profit, cashflow, and your people.  

We offer annual service packages or support on an as-needs-basis.

How we can help

Working with farm businesses on farm strategy development

Identifying on-farm labour requirements, roles and responsibilities

Organisational culture, including the fundamentals of attracting and retaining good team members

Leadership coaching, mentoring, training and development

Webinars and workshops delivered across Australia

Book a free 60-minute exploratory session, email us for a bespoke on-farm teams consultancy or to enquire about our annual service packages.

Livestock and Pastures

Designed and facilitated by our lead consultant Jonathan England, we have created three 12-month packages around your livestock and pasture needs, including in-person planning day, online accountability check-ups and an implementation review meeting.


We offer activities such as pasture and fodder planning, livestock enterprise plans and the implementation of electronic identification on your farm. These tools and techniques can improve your property’s performance and create a more stress-free enterprise and organised management style.


Jonathan is passionate about using technology on-farm, has over 20 years of experience as a livestock and pasture consultant, and brings a mix of research and practical experience as a fine-wool producer and high-rainfall cropper.

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